Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

Jennifer Harris was able to change her life after her only friend, Cameron, moved away when she was 9. She lost weight, changed her name, and moved. Now she is 17 and senior and high school, has a boyfriend and tons of friends but now Cameron has returned turning her life upside down. Secrets come out about his abusive father. They have to confront past memories with out letting anyone else know. Cameron ends up staying with her parents while they try to get everything straightened out but in the end he decides to return to California (where the rest of his family is) to help his brothers and sisters. A quiet novel about the strength of childhood friendships. I say yes.


Pat said...

I am voting YES on this but am a little concerned that it will only appeal to girls because of the cover and content.

Katie said...

I loved what Allison said about this being a quiet novel. There is a low intensity to Zarr's writing that I find fascinating. The whole "unfinished business" theme regarding love was so well defined and important. Loved this book! Yay.