Sunday, August 24, 2008

Genius Squad by Catherine Jinks

In this sequel to Evil Genius Cadel has been rescued from his evil father and is in Australian foster care but a foster brother is very destructive and Cadel moves into a foster home for smart kids that is a front for the "Genius Squad." There, he is reunited with Sonja and work to bring down GenoME. But soon Cadel's supposed father escapes from prison and kidnaps Cadel and Sonja but is rescued the police officer who has been keeping an eye on him. I didn't read the first book and on the whole I followed this one well until the end when if finally comes out who Cadel's father really is. (at this point they start mentioning characters that aren't explained really well). It is a good book but not great. I vote nay.

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Iris said...

I read the first book, and had mixed feelings about it, but I thoroughly enjoyed the second novel. Now that Cadel has his head screwed on straight he's a much more sympathetic character, and I really enjoyed the development of his relationship with Sonja, the math whiz with Cerebral Palsy. How many books can claim a major character with CP?

Probably not stand alone, but a good series for fans of Artemis Fowl and other misunderstood geniuses. I look forward to Genius Wars. NAY for TU.