Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Boxer and the Spy by Robert B. Parker

I went into this book craving a good mystery and came out wholly disappointed. I wanted so much to scream at the author "Please, please SHOW...don't just TELL!!" I felt no sympathy for the characters, no real sense of setting, and worst of all, no suspense. Also, I ask you, what teen in 2008 uses terms like "hanky panky?" So wrong. On so many levels. NAY

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kathy said...

Agree with Elizabeth. Dialogue seemed written by an adult who thinks he knows what teens are saying, what they care about and how they speak, yet widely misses the mark. The cadence was stilted and awkward and heavily peppered with "said", "yeah", "I guess", "I don't care". Probably would have done better as a script so actors could have imbued appropriate expressions and emotions into the context.

The skycam idea was clever, but it didn't hold up the suspense well as the identities were revealed early on.