Wednesday, August 13, 2008

100 Girls by Adam Gallardo and Todd Demong

This graphic novel plays off of the idea of secret government experiments and mixes in people with X-Men type powers. Sylvia (and 99 other girls) are clones of a scientist and all have some sort of super power. 93 of these girls are still in incubator type containers, but Sylvia and 6 others are in the free world - but about to be picked up by the scientists who created them. As Sylvia meets the other girls, the all meld together to become one girl with the thoughts and powers of all the girls. It is a race between the free girls and those trying to capture them.

I enjoyed this story and I think that it does have appeal. However, small things bugged me: the reference to Natty Gann (how many teen readers of this book would understand this reference?), the Neo like picture in the last frame - of Sylvia (whose body now contains all 100 girls) flying, and questions that went unanswered - probably waiting for the sequal (it states "END OF BOOK ONE"). I'd like to read the sequal but I vote Nay for Thumb's Up.

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