Friday, August 22, 2008

Seekers: The Quest Begins by Erin Hunter

This is the story of three bear cubs: Kallik, a polar bear who grows up nurtured by her mother and playing with her brother; Lusa, a black bear born and raised in captivity who dreams of the wild; and Toklo, grizzly cub abandoned by his mother after his brother dies. From seemingly unrelated circumstances, their paths cross and they undertake a quest to reach the Northern Lights aided by a mysterious shape-shifting sometimes-bear cub named Ujurak.

This was a quick, light read and will probably do well in the hands of lovers of Hunter's Warriors series, and there are some absolute GEMS of quotes about remembering one's place in the universe. That being said, it definitely skews young and I'm not sure this is award material, but I'll give this a MAYBE for now.

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kathy said...

I'l push this one to a NAY. skews young and I'm still bored in the 3rd chapter. (I'm also not partial to an anthropomorphic cast of characters) I'm confident we'll have 20 others with more "meat", er, I mean substance. Sentiments about the universe are lovely (and meaningful) but not enough.