Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

I read this book, and the first thing I thought was, "thank goodness, another series like Twilight!". Okay, its definitely not a Stephenie Meyer novel, it lacks the long, drawn out conversations and slow-build drama, but its got the usual cadre of monsters in the closet to keep you busy. It's the first part of the Darkest Powers series, and unless you enjoy abrupt, cliffhanger endings, you'll be waiting for that second book (I am!).

Our strawberry blond (yay) heroine Chloe becomes hysterical at school (you'll see why) and is forced to stay in a house for crazy teens.. or are they really crazy? At the Lyle House, she attracts the attention of handsome Simon and hulking Derek, as well as a catty, unstable cadre of girls. The pacing is fast and the reading level easy, making for a quick, zesty page turner with lots of plot twists and clever use of technology. YAY.


Julie said...

I loved this book. I think it's too light and fluffy to really make the cut. It also ends very abruptly, like she is setting up for the sequel. I vote nay.

Kat Werner said...

I really enjoyed the book but I thought it was a little slow to get started and I don't think it stands alone because of the cliff-hanger ending. I have to vote nay.