Sunday, August 10, 2008

Into the Dark: An Echo Falls Mystery by Peter Abrahams

(adapted from previous e-mail posting sent July 28)

Into the Dark: An Echo Falls Mystery is a fast read, with mystery aspects the reader can deduce along the way (some far in advance of the main character, Ingrid). Ingrid is coping with mysteries in her family, and accusations in her community. Her best friend is avoiding her; her parents don't talk to her grandfather, and someone's been murdered.

Into the Dark (book 3 in the series) doesn't stand on its own - there are a few references to previous mysteries/incidents that are unexplained/out of context to a new reader - sort of a bone thrown to loyal readers. Editor error: In one scene Ingrid reaches down with her mittened hand and later in the same scene she has forgotten hat and mittens.

There's divorce and an affair so the appeal to much young readers is leavened with the messier aspects of adult relationships as well as a serious illness so that raises the age above elementary which I would otherwise say it's geared toward. A good mystery read for the younger end of our criteria range, but not superior. NAY


kevinyezbick said...

Yeah - the editorial blunder was enough for me to cast my thumb down for this one. I didn't notice anything regarding previous parts of the series -- but the "mystery" was fairly easy to solve. So yeah -- another thumbs down.

Iris said...

I didn't think Ingrid was quite believable, and I don't think the book is award winning. Fun plot, there's a nice touch of humor, but Nay.