Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Love Me Tender by Audrey Couloumbis

This is a fun story about 13 year old Elvira, trying to understand her family. Her father is a Elvis impersonator and has gone to Vegas for a big competition. Her mother, "Mel," is pregnant with her third child. Mel, Elvira, and the younger sister - Kerrie - all head to the Grandmother's house after receiving a phone call from Mel's sister saying that it was "Mom's time" (which it wasn't). This was a light-hearted romp about love and families. However, a few things kept throwing me out of the story. Elvira was both very responsible and very irresponsible - I kept thinking: is this the same girl? Another aspect that threw me was how much was expected of Elvira at times. For instance, at one point she is re-painting a window frame while the adults help at first, and then leave her working while they drink iced tea on the porch. Small things maybe - but I kept thinking, what's going here? I vote nay.

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