Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Petshop of Horrors: Tokyo v.1 by Matsuri Akino

This first book in the sequel series to "Petshop of Horrors" by Akino, takes place in Neo Chinatown in Tokyo. Count D. has moved and established a new petshop. This wasn't a bad first book in a new manga series but it dosen't seem to cover any new ground. The book has an over all story arch but contains shorter individual stories. Count D. owns a petshop that sells wierd and exotic pets. The cutomers always end up getting more than they bargained for. The strories were similar to the previous series nothing really stood out to me to make this exceptional. I vote nay.

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Iris said...

I enjoyed it, but it isn't groundbreaking stuff.. the Eva Braun story was rather startling (Japan has its own share of taboo subjects like the subjugation of Chinese during WWII, but I doubt that will ever come up).

So nay for Thumbs Up.