Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gem X by Nicky Singer

Gem X is a generation of genetic perfection. Maxo, 16, purported to be highly intelligent and molded to exquisite physique without aid of exercise due to calculated gene splicing and modification. Enhanced people live in Polis. Dating among the perfect elite is virtual (until screened and approved for genetic compatibility), and food comes in the form of pills. The Enhanced do not mix with the Dreggies (Naturals) who live in the Estates, and Poldrones and Clodrones serve the Enhanced with complete obedience. Then Maxo's perfection starts to crack.

Gem X takes on some of the foibles of an apocalyptic society run by a power scheming despot. Maxo doesn't strike me as being "preposterously intelligent" as it takes him a while to grasp concepts outside of the brainwashing he's been raised under and he doesn't exercise clever schemes, offer blinding insight or witty dialogue. He strikes me as a rich kid who has been isolated and protected from an unstable dystopia in his back yard and is beginning to experience a different point of view of his world. Some of his reactions weren't as strong as Mary's and John's revelations in Wall-E (great flick with a more benevolent ethos of protection and ignorance). I didn't see enough character development to warrant a Thumbs Up, but I would pass on to those not ready for deep sci fi and ready question authority. NAY

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Pat said...

Very disappointing book for me. I loved the premise and was anxious to read it. However I felt it was poorly written and very choppy. A No from me.