Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cherry Heaven by L.J. Adlington

This book is written two different ways. Some chapters follow Luka, an escaped Galrezi factory worker written in stream of consciousness. The other chapters follow Kat and Tanka and their move to an old cherry orchard in the frontier after their parents are killed during "the war" for carrying Galrezi DNA. (this takes place on a different planet where all the residents' DNA is based on three different group and the perceived lowest the Galrezi are persecuted and worse.) The community where they settle is supposed to be a bit of a utopia but they soon find out that the previous owners of the cherry orchard to slaughtered Galrezi's. Kat resents her sister's disregard to what happened to their parents and her use of racial epithets. Soon everyone is on watch Luka and it eventually comes out that she is the only surviving member of her family from when they were killed on the orchard. and the leader of this peaceful frontier community is really the man who shot her family. It is a complex book and I'm not sure it can stand alone (this book is a companion to "Pelly D." which I've never read.) They referred to some things that were obvious references to the previous book but it didn't seem to pertain to this story.
On the whole, I had to force my self to finish this book. Though not entirely written in stream of consciousness, I did not care for those portions and I ended up not caring for the characters. I don't see a lot of teen appeal. I vote Nay.

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Pat said...

I did read Pelly D, which I liked. Did not care for this book at all, kept waiting for the moment when I liked it. Forced myself to finish! NO, NO