Monday, August 4, 2008

The Opposite of Invisible- Liz Gallagher

This book tells the story of Alice, one of the "artsy" kids in her high school. Alice has believed herself to be one of the folks who aren't noticed (invisible) until she gains the attention of a guy from the "popular" crowd, Simon. Around the same time, she is receiving more-than-friendly attention from Jewel, her best friend. This book takes us through the decisions that Alice makes, how they affect her, and how they affect those around her. I think this book did a good job at capturing that moment when a young person realizes that she is maybe attractive and that she might be more things than she realized she was. The book was a good read, however, I don't think it would stand up as a Thumbs Up choice.

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kevinyezbick said...

While I enjoyed the book - I don't know if it merits award. My main thought is that this is an echo of The Perks of being a wallflower set to a younger reading level - which makes me question its permanent contribution to the genre. I'm saying no - not as a vote against the book - as it was enjoyable - just that it wasn't as original as I would have hoped.