Thursday, August 21, 2008

Diamond Willow by Helen Frost

This quick read written in concrete poems and narrative about Diamond Willow, a young Alaskan girl, who's favorite dog is injured when she takes a dog sled out to visit her grandparents. She is watched over by a variety of animals who are reincarnated ancestors. It is only the dog Roxy who knows she is Willow's reincarnated twin sister. Each poem has another message printed in bold. It is a lovely story that sucked me in. I'm not sure if it would have huge teen appeal and it definitely falls in the younger end of the award (the main character is 12). I really enjoyed it. I say yes for now.


Pat said...

I loved this book, so even though the character is young I think that Teens can still relate to her story. Helen Frost has a very interesting way in presenting this with the text in a diamond pattern and a hidden story revealed in bold. I'm voting Yes on this one.

Patty said...

I just finished this one, and I enjoyed it as well. It may read a little young--no sex, no violence, no girlfriend/boyfriend drama--but plenty of interesting storytelling. I'm a Thumbs Up for now!