Thursday, August 28, 2008

Outcast by Michelle Paver

Book 4 in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. This story takes place in prehistoric times but after the last ice age. It is a time of hunting and gathering, of clans and of animal totems. The main character, Torak, is a young man who can talk to wolves, his best friend is a wolf and in the first book saw his father killed by a possessed bear. In this book he has been taken in by a clan but when they find out he has a mark of a soul eater they make him an outcast and if anyone sees him ever again they are to kill him. On his own, with only his wolf for a friend, he struggles against an evil viper mage. A cousin and friend come to help him and he is finally able to cast away the mark of the soul eater and kill the mage. I have really enjoyed this series and this was another good book. but I don't think this title really stands alone. Nay for me.

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