Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools by Philip Caveney

Sabastian Darke is an Elfling (half human and half elf) and after his father, a court jester, dies he is left to support him and his mother. So he, his talking Buffalope, and diminutive Captain Cornelius Drummel (who he meets on the way) travel to the court of King Septimus looking for work. On their way they rescue Princess Kerin from brigands and escort her home to her uncle Septimus. Little did they know that Septimus is evil and set up Kerin's attack. Kerin once again disappears (thanks to her uncle) and Sabastian is framed. In the end the three friends rescue her once more and stop King Septimus. It is a fun book and I'm glad I've gotten a chance to read it. One of the teens at work has been telling me all summer I need to read it. It has great teen appeal and nothing in it would really date it. I vote yes.

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Iris said...

I agree about the teen appeal, this is a cute fun story that you can give to an age range that includes younger readers, and its laugh out loud funny which I believe is a really important factor, especially when appealing to guys.