Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Would You by Marthe Jocelyn

This story is about two sisters, Claire and Natalie. It's the summer before Claire leaves for college. For Natalie, it's a summer of friends, fun and work but nothing special. Then there is an accident and everything changes. The would you from the title comes from the game Would You....would you rather know what's going to happen? Or not know? This is a very poignant look at one family's struggle when their lives are turned upside down. I say it's a strong maybe. I would definitely like other opinions.


Kat Werner said...

I am having a hard time finishing this book. I just really dislike the narrative style and I don't think that we were able to get to know Claire very well before the accident, so I having a hard time empathizing with Natalie about losing her sister.

Pat said...

Much as I enjoyed this book, I think that teen boys would have a hard time relating to this book. A no from me

Allison said...

i really liked this book and the odd things that would pop into her head at odd moments. But,ultimately, I could go either way. I think it is a good book to have on your shelf but I'm not sure about TU. So, I guess I've just talked myself into a nay.