Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson

Scarlett Martin, 15, lives in an aging, once-thriving but now mostly empty, hotel in New York City with her parents, sister Lola (a would-be fashionista), sister Marlene (cancer survivor), and brother Spencer (would-be actor trying desperately to break into theater before being forced into culinary school). The story opens on Scarlett's birthday when she is given the responsibility of caring for one of the hotel's suites and with it, its permanent guest, the eccentric Mrs. Amberson, who promptly turns life as Scarlett knew it on its ear.

This was a fun book. Maureen Johnson handles all the usual teen angst with a lot of flair, and there are a lot of refreshingly solid family relationships here. This book definitely stands on its own, but I wouldn't mind reading more about Scarlett and company. Possibly not the best of the best, but a MAYBE.

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Julie said...

I enjoyed this book but was not terribly excited about it. I would recommend it to fans of Sarah Dessen. It was definitely not a showstopper. I vote no.