Sunday, September 14, 2008

After Tupac and D Foster by Jacqueline Woodson

Three friends in Queens NY swear to be friends forever. Two of them have known each other for a long time and the 3rd, D Foster shows up and seems to have endless freedom but she lives with a foster parent and wishes for the families and love the other two have. When D's mother finally shows up and takes her away, the girls realize how little they knew about D. They find an understanding in Tupac Shakur's music and are saddened by his death. It was a well written book that leaves no true answers just the realizations that you might not really know those you think you do. I wonder if it would read differently to a person who is familiar with Tupac's music. I give this a weak yes.

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sherlonya said...

I also read this book and would put it into the Thumbs Up category. I think that this book does a good job handling the themes of friendship and family and how those things are influenced by what is happening around you. These girls identified with Tupac's music the way that many teens identify with someone's music. Through the music and their friendship they are able to grow and sort through their world.