Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Black Rabbit Summer by Kevin Brooks

Pete, Pauley, twins Alex and Nicole, and Raymond used to be tight. As they have grown up, they have grown apart. It's the summer before they all leave town for various reasons be it college or other pursuits. Nicole calls Pete and wants them to all get together one last time. Even though Raymond is and has always been the outsider of the group, Pete insists upon dragging him along. They start drinking and things quickly turn bad. There's a fight and the group splinters apart. A local celebrity is murdered and Raymond goes missing. He's soon accused of the murder.

I have never been much of a Kevin Brooks fan. I had high hopes for this book after reading a review because it sounded so intriguing. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. It's a very dark novel and there isn't any resolution in the end and there doesn't seem to be much that is positive or redeeming. I vote Nay.

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