Friday, September 19, 2008

Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecilia Galante

Patron Saint of Butterflies may appeal to young and older teens who took an interest in the removal of children from the desert compound in Eldorado, Texas earlier this year.

Agnes wants to be a saint. Honey is absorbed by learning about and seeing butterflies. They live in a religious compound, Agnes has two parents and a brother on the compound and Honey is an orphan. The brainwashing and blind following of the seemingly hypocritical "father" of the group is bile-fetching.

It is amazing that Honey would have such a sense of self and right despite the limited positive adult role models among the brainwashing. The alternatives to living in the commune could have been more detailed, but perhaps that would have come across as preachy. Although Honey saw the hypocracy of Veronica and Emmanuel, no other Believers question it. Following the events in Eldorado, some folks might be up in arms against this book, others against cult communes.
This doesn't have the warm fuzzy feeling of Schooled. It serves a different purpose, reflecting the depth of struggle between the pull of family, self-preservation and a sense of justice.

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