Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner

Yann is a gypsy boy living in France on the eve of the revolution. When he meets Sido, a daughter of a marquis, his life changes. His friends die and he is forced to run to London. Later he has to return to France to save Sido from an evil murdering opportunist that insists she must marry him to save herself and her father. There is a little magic sprinkled in too. I had a hard time first getting into it but soon it picked up. I enjoyed it and I would see that it would have good teen girl appeal and I think if it had a different cover more boys would pick it up because it is a great adventure. I'm not sure if it has a lasting contribution though. I'm a maybe.

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Pat said...

I'm a maybe on this one also. I haven't read much lately on the French Revolution and there's part of me wondering if teens will get it, if they haven't been exposed to the history already. Still a great adventure and a page turner.