Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ten Cents a Dance by Christine Fletcher

Ruby Jacinski is 15 living in 1941 Chicago. She is forced to quit school and work in a meat processing factory after her mother can no longer work. Paulie, a friend and mobster wannabe, says her she should be a taxi dancer instead. So Ruby lies to her mother and she gets paid 5 cents a dance at a local dance hall and makes much more money. She learns hard lessons about men and friends. And then lies start catching up with her and when her mother remarries, it all explodes in her face. Inspired by the real life story of the author's great-aunt, this is a good look at a unique part of American WWII era history. It was a worth while book but I'm not too sure about TU quality. I'm leaning towards nay.

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Pat said...

This was a very nostalgic book for me and I enjoyed it immensely.It was well researched and a fascinating read.However, I'm not sure how much teen appeal it would have, especially among the boys. Voting NO