Thursday, September 4, 2008

Evernight by Claudia Gray

A slightly clumsy, self-conscious young woman is starting at a new high school. On her first morning she meets a gorgeous, bronze-haired young man who makes her heart start to pound. But, he is obviously hiding some secret that makes him distant and potentially dangerous. No, this is not a Twilight re-cap, it is the actual beginning of Evernight by Claudia Gray. There was one surprising event, but it was so poorly conceived that it made the protagonist seem like two different characters altogether. Throw in names that are intentionally "fancy" and you have a so-so vampire-love story with no award potential. Nay.

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kathy said...

I agre with Katie and wish the concept had been handled more adroitly. It had clever potential, but failed to make a believable transition. NAY