Saturday, September 13, 2008

Suck It Up by Brian Meehl

Another vampire tale. Not as dark as some and more humor than others. Fun read, with some interesting interpretations of vampire powers and abilities and vulnerabilities. The back cover and inside flap give away more than I would like for enjoying the surprise factors.

Morning becomes the poster child of vampires mainstreaming in the 21st century. He has to deal with being 16 forever, attraction to girls, and his dreams of his future.

The writing was generally good, especially with imparting the jokes and the banter. There were some shifts in perspective that were irksome (including a note from Portia 'aka the author' on the inside flap, but the book isn't from her perspective, but maybe that was out of Meehl's control). At some points Meehl speaks directly to the reader, but it feels awkward p 203 "He'd also found time for a light snack. In vampire parlance, 'a light smack'." His puns were amusing.

I wasn't convinced of Morning's fall after all he'd been through - seemed a bit improbable.

I also recognize that I wasn't in the most open frame of mind either, so recognizing that I could be hypercritical on this one, I'm giving it a MAYBE.

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