Sunday, September 28, 2008

Season of Ice by Diane Les Becquets

As winter draws near, Genesis's father, a timber man, takes on a dock repair job while a storm looms on the horizon. As the hours pass and her father still hasn't returned, Genesis increasingly grows concerned. Her knowledge of her father's habit of not wearing a life jacket, rather tossing it nearby on the boat's deck "just in case" becomes more ominous. The wind has kicked up and the waves have grown choppy on the sea; her father has still not returned. Genesis and her step-mom Linda contact the sheriff and a search party is organized. Eventually the weather forces the sheriff to call off the search. Genesis is numb from both the cold and the recognition that her father is still missing. As the days go by and the ice blankets the sea, she is left to wonder whether her father is entombed below the surface.

I found the story and the detail wonderfully tied together with the setting. The exterior world of ice and snow matches the interior of Genesis's struggle. She is frozen in uncertainty, waiting for the thaw - and the author does an excellent job of meshing the two. I feel that Season of Ice is a compelling read that was very well written. Thumbs Up.

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