Monday, September 1, 2008

Looks by Madeleine George

I didn't like this book, but it certainly has me feeling rather passionate. IF you're going to need to read it anyway, I suggest you not read this review.
I posted a really long review, but now that I've gotten it out of my system, lets just say I don't like how the author portrayed Obesity as the opposite of Anorexia. The girls are not treated equally as outcasts.. the heavy girl basically gets the extremely short end of the stick.

Nay, if you haven't guessed that yet.

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kevinyezbick said...

Interesting, we happen to disagree. That almost never happens. ;)

I hope you can repost the long review - because I found the writing in this to be very detailed. The title is thematic in the amount of description and interpretation that surrounds the characters - the analogies are strong throughout and the storyline reminded me a lot of Koertge's Stoner and Spaz.

The author also ties in Shakespeare's Caesar with the betrayal of the main characters of Looks.

I see it as having teen appeal - and it is definitely the best of the last few I've read.

I'm really curious why you think Meghan got the short end of the stick as far as the two being treated as outcasts - and why you think it was important that they be equals in that respect.