Friday, September 19, 2008

Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley

Charlotte Usher dies at the moment she thinks her dreams are coming true. So her soul/ghost is having trouble detaching from the living.

Each of the dead have names associated with their death, favorite activities. Here's the passage that encapsulates the type of humor and made me laugh out loud. "DJ was spinning platters in the air, aiming the old vinyl LPs like buzz saws at Simon's and Simone's heads. Silent Violet sat at a desk ramming a finger down her throat like a determined bulimic, searching for her voice...Suzy Scratcher absentmindedly carved "wash me" into Rotting Rita's back as Rita grabbed at maggots crawling from her nostrils, rolled them in her fingers, and flicked them at Mike and Jerry, who held their thumbs and pinkies up like goalposts." (233-234)

So Charlotte is annoying and whiny and not particularly likable. I liked Scarlet and her goth spunkiness. The rules and "group goal" is interesting. I'm hoping there will be a greater wealth of superb titles to choose from, but if not, this may have a chance for consideration among what I've read so far. MAYBE

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Katie said...

I agree with everything Kathy said. I think that the physical format of the book is interesting, but I don't see this as a book that I'll be recommending 10 years from now. With the tagline "RIP Popularity", Hurley uses a fairly basic plot but adds plenty of satire. It's pretty obvious that ghost girl will have sequels, possible GN adaptation, and the potention for a TV show. (see Hurley's FAQ on her website)
The website is fun. There are some plot devices that I found a little creepy, such as Charlotte making Scarlet strip down to go swimming with Damen and the sorta-stalkerish stuff. In all it's a fun book, but it's mostly the physical layout that makes it stand out for this year. Maybe