Monday, February 23, 2009

Chanda's War by Allan Stratton

This compelling book tells the story of Chanda, who due to her mother's recent death, is responsible for the well-being of her brother and sister. Encouraged to make amends with her estranged family, Chanda travels to a nearby town from which her brother and sister are stolen by a group of rebels. This book is, in large part, a book about child soldiers in war-torn Africa. More than that, however, this is a family story and one of courage and adventure. The narrative is well-constructed and Stratton keeps you wondering with each page what is going to happen.


Allison said...

This book continues Chanda's story. Having never read Chanda's secret, for the most part I didn't notice but when Chanda and her siblings return to her home village to visit her grandparents, there are references made to why her mother left but it was never explained for several chapters. It just left me wondering if I had read the first book, would I already know or not. Other than that it was a powerful book about a very real fictionalized place. But because for a portion of the book I was left wondering whether I need to go back and read the first book, it stays out of my top 5.

Patty said...

Well, I had to break my ankle and have nothing else to do to read this one, but I'm glad I did! I really enjoyed it. I was dreading it, but I'm sorry I made a snap judgment. It's a good book. Not my absolute favorite, but still, a good book!