Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sand Chronicles Vol. 1 by Hinako Ashihara

Ann and her mother have just moved back to the small town where her mother grew up because her mother and father have split up. Her mother worked too hard in Tokyo and ended up exhausting herself. After Ann's mother kills herself Ann must rely on her friends to get her through. This volume takes place during the winter that Ann is 12 and the summer she is 14.

This story really engaged me. Ann was cute without being too precocious, a problem I tend to find with shojo manga I've read. The story moved quickly and had excitement. Thumbs up.


Allison said...

I enjoyed it too! I'm yes for now.

Anna said...

I also really enjoyed this story and would like to read more. It is very lighthearted. I have trouble with it being the first of a manga series though - the first we see Ann is actually as an adult and she is remembering. Since there is no closure (back to her life as an adult) if does feel incomplete. I vote nay.