Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jellaby by Kean Soo

I don't really see our winner as a book about a giant purple monster and the young girl who feeds him tuna sandwiches. Cute GN for younger readers.

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Josh B. said...

I felt that this was a very enjoyable graphic novel. It is probably not an award winner for teens, but defiantly a good story. It is hard to come to a great conclusion since it is only the first part of a story and there is certainly much more to come but I would say nay simply because this is geared toward teens, although, a second volume could easily sway me in the other direction. Jeff Smiths Bone seemed like just a cute little story when you have only read the first book. But after reading the entire epic you quickly realize that it is a graphic and storytelling masterpiece on par with any piece of epic fantasy written before it. So, for now I would give this a nay as well, at least for a teen award, but it is well worth the read.