Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bird Lake Moon by Kevin Henkes

Mitch and his mom come to stay with his grandparents on Bird Lake after his dad runs off with another woman. Spencer's parents own the house next door and haven't been there since Spencer's older brother drowned in the lake. But they return to see if they can face the memories. It is a nice book though not a whole lot happens. Mitch and Spencer are 10 and 12 years old and generally this book has a very young feel to it. I think a little too young for thumbs up. I vote nay.


Josh B. said...

I agree, it was a good story but definitely too young for TU. Also it seems as if he tried to wrap up the story far to quickly at the end. Decent book but I vote NAY.

Patty said...

I'd have to give it a Thumbs Down, too, since it does seem young to me. Hence, I'll take it off the master list!