Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler

When Dusty answers a late night phone call, the caller repeats the words her brother last said to her before he went missing. Trying to track the mysterious stranger leads Dusty into a deserted park where she is attacked by three men intent on killing the caller. What follows is a tautly written adventure where she tries to uncover the caller's secrets, her own feelings of otherworldliness, and the reasons for her brother's disappearance. There is also a subplot with her lonely and depressed father, her mother who has abandoned the family, and the secrets her brother may have harbored. I did have some problems with the ending being a little fantastical for this psychological thriller. This one blurs the line between YA and adult (Think Tamar), and I'm not entirely sure of its broad range teen appeal. Even with those misgivings, I think this earns a YAY.

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Allison said...

I really didn't like the book. Some of the britishisms drove me a bit nuts (such as, when DC and DI abbreviations where used with out explanantion). The white boy was never explained. Nothing was resolved but finding her brother's body and she knew the true identity of the rapist but didn't share. I'm nay.