Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dingo by Charles de Lint

I'm not sure if this is his best work, but it is a darn good entry. Miguel falls for a beautiful girl he meets at his father's comic shop. Lainey is exotic and exciting, but her constant watchdog, Em, seems to hate him. On top of that his archnemesis is stalking them and Miguel's dreams are leading him further into Lainey's strange life.
I've not read much by de Lint, but this made me hungry for more. I don't know if it is timeless, but it certainly is exciting and entertaining. High maybe.


Allison said...

I enjoyed this one too! It was a quick fun read. And what's better then "were-dingoes?" I give it a yes for now.

Pat said...

Sorry this didn't work for me.Perhaps teens will like it and also fans of de Lint will. I am voting NO.