Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life Sucks by Jessica Abel, Gabe Soria, and Warren Pleece

Oh. Dear. God. Vampires working at a convenience store. The boss talking with a fake Transylvanian accent. So-so art and not a lot of plot. NAY.


Josh B. said...

I disagree. In my opinion this is one of the best graphic novels that has come out in the last year or so. I enjoyed the art quite a bit, but more importantly I loved the storyline.

I felt that Jessica Able did a great job at creating a story using a very tired and overused genre, Vampires, and breathed new life into it by giving it a very different twist. Instead of the dark and gothic vampire story this one focused on what life as a vampire would really be like in today’s society. How do you find blood if you don’t want to hurt people? Where do you work when you can not be out during the day? And how would you ever establish a relationship with a mortal if you were immortal? It also depicted vampires as real people, who just happen to have powers and drink blood. There were surfer vampires, nerdy vampires, nice vampires and mean ones.

While this book did not deal with any great moral questions or anything, I felt it was very well written, witty, and original. Most importantly I feel it would really appeal to teenagers who have been devouring anything with vampires, as they seem to be with this title. I give it a Yay!

kathy said...

I agree with Josh that many of the older teens devouring the vampire lit will enjoy Life Sucks and delve into exploring the consequences of "living" as a vampire in current day. The younger teens might find the day to day elements a bit heavy and boring, as details of an adult's life typically would be for many younger people. There was humor in the contrast nerds, surfer, blowsy benecklaced (actually I don't remember if the Lord wore a necklace but it would go with her personality if he sported a heavy gold medallion), low-esteem vampires as well as I thought the plot wasn't enough for TU.

um - eek - tornado on the way - I'm sending this without more.

Julie said...

I agree that this was a fresh take on the vampire topic. Even though this was fun and fresh and I can definitely see the teen appeal, I don't think it will stand the test of time.

Julie said...

Umm..just in case it wasn't clear, that was a Nay from me.

Josh B. said...

After reading more books this season, I would agree that there are other options that are better choices, so I am willing to change my vote to Nay. Although, I do still think this one is close, simply based on, and I know this is debatable, originality, and on teen appeal. I have not seen this book on my shelf for more than a day since we got it in. However, there are other books, and GNs that are better this year, so my vote has changed to a Nay.