Monday, February 23, 2009

Debbie Harry Sings in French by Megan Brothers

When we meet Johnny he is in the middle of an drunken, goth dressing teenage-hood. He plummets into self destructive behaviors, that eventually lead to his mother sending him to live in South Carolina with an uncle he barely knows. As Johnny tries to set his life back on track, he becomes obsessed with Blondie singer Debbie Harry. So much so that he begins to realize he is actually longing to be her. But Johnny is pretty sure he isn't gay, especially since he's really into ubercool Maria.


Allison said...

I really enjoyed this book. Couldn't put it down so I was a zombie at work the next day. You could really understand Johnny's anger at his mother, I was angry for him too. It is a story of recovery and finding something that gives you strength. I think it might be in my top 5.

Patty said...

OK, so maybe I'm just too literal, but was this guy's dad a cross dresser also? I'm getting that feeling but I'm not 100% sure! Not in my top 5.