Tuesday, January 6, 2009

War Is . . . soldiers, survivors, and storytellers talk about war

This was a thought-provoking and  . . . . well, I think Susan Bartloetti put it best (quoted on the back of the book) "This book takes my breath away. It is a gut-wrenching must-read and possibly the most important book (no, manual) kids can read about war. I hope readers of all ages will lose sleep over this book, tossing and turning as they wrestle with complex truths about our dangerous world as told by soldiers, survivors, and others."

I was deeply moved by this work.  I do have a question on it's eligibility for Thumb's Up.  The guidelines do state that it must be an original work.  I do believe that as a whole it is an original work. But it does include items that were previously published - such as some of Ernie Pyle's articles, "Masters of War" by Bob Dylan, and a few others.  There were several others copyrighted 2008 but also published elsewhere (I think) and at least one that (again, I think) was not published anywhere else.   Is this book disqualified by this set?  Or does the fact that it is as a whole, an original work (put together purposefully for young adults) make it eligible? 

A maybe.  

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