Monday, January 5, 2009

Playing With Matches by Brian Katcher

Leon has faced his share of bullying in his 17 years but he still manages to keep his odd sense of humor though he never seems to get the girl. His new locker neighbor has seen even more bullying. When Melody was a child she was severely scared when a kerosene lamp exploded in her face. They soon become fast friends and then a little more though he does deny it for awhile. But he still holds a flame for the class beauty Amy and it soon lands him in the fire. My summery does not due this book justice. It is funny, touching and so much more. It has teen appeal, it seems pretty timeless, and it is well written. I give this a big thumbs up!


Patty said...

I read this one quick real quick, and I found myself reading two parts of it out loud to everyone passing by! (if you see que) They were funny! I liked this book quite a bit. I'm also giving it a thumbs up! It reminds me quite a bit of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar

Kat Werner said...

I also really enjoyed the book. The humor was great, and I liked that the ending was hopeful but also open for interpretation.

Iris said...

I agree the book was both funny and painful because it's true to the fickle nature of teen relationships. Yay.