Monday, January 12, 2009

Runemarks by Joanne Harris

Maddy Smith lives in a world based on Norse Mythology - after Ragnarok, the destruction of the gods and the world as it was. She finds out that the gods are still living and that she is the granddaughter of Odin. The new order doesn't allow magic and will "cleanse" the evil (magic-doers etc). Cleansing being an euphemism for hangings. Maddy is born with a rune (or ruin - depending on who you ask) on her hand and has a feel for magic. She has her own place in the town (she lives far from the center of the new order) until one day things happen and she is drawn into an adventure with gods and the like against the current order.  I didn't finish the novel yet.  It was interesting but just not compelling enough to be a thumb's up winner.  I think that I will want to finish the story sometime . . . but a 500+ page novel has to be very compelling to teens for them to read it. I don't think that this is compelling enough for broad teen appeal. I vote nay.

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