Monday, January 12, 2009

Aurelia by Anne Osterlund

I couldn't bring myself to finish this book but I'm throwing this out there to let everybody know where I fall. Aurelia is in line to the throne of her kingdom - which is creating bumps along the road at every turn in her life. Her father wants her to marry for the kingdom, while Aurelia would prefer to marry for her match and love. Meanwhile, someone wants Aurelia dead. Her old acquaintance Robert shows up to do some sleuthing in an effort to discover the fiends planning her end. All signs point to the Queen, Aurelia's stepmother. I never found out whether or not this was the case as the suspense wasn't strong enough to pull me into the plot. It is an intelligent book - but it just didn't appeal to me - and I don't think it would have strong teen appeal.

I'm going to say Nay.

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