Friday, October 17, 2008

The Savage by David Almond

The first word that comes to me with David Almond's work is unsettling. The Savage certainly falls into this category. This novella is an amazing blend of graphic novel/bildungsroman. Following his father's death, Blue is encouraged to use writing as a therapeutic medium. The result is his story about the Savage, a boy with no words, no love, and a thirst for killing. Each of the parts about the Savage are illustrated by David McKean (of Coraline fame) and is written in halting, misspelled prose by a younger Blue. The Savage is able to show the anger and rage Blue has building, but even in the safety of his story Blue cannot commit harm to others. And just as Blue's real-life terrors are escalating, the Savage appears in his real world.
Only 80 pages. So much involved. I think this one is genre bending, important, and ground breaking. I worry about the teen appeal, age appropriateness, and the brevity of the story. Going with Yay for now.

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