Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You Know Where to Find Me by Rachel Cohn

Cousins Miles and Laura grew up like sisters, but as they got older they grew apart. Laura was beautiful loved, Miles ended up heavy and an outsider. Then Laura kills herself and Miles has to deal with life without Laura.

The premise of this book was promising, but I think that there were a few too many things going on. There was a lot of politics about D.C. getting statehood and Miles seemed to be really supportive of that, but then not at times. Also, I got very annoyed that Miles would say she was going to change, to try to make her life better, then not even seem to try. Also, Miles really cares for Jim, Laura's adoptive father, but we don't really get to know him. There are a lot of characters for a book that is just over 200 pages. I am a maybe for this one.


Iris said...

I was ambivalent too. I felt like the book was shortchanged by the overabundance of characters who were two dimensional to emphasize Miles' isolation from them, but it felt pretty weak. Maybe, leaning towards nay.

Kat Werner said...

I am starting to lean towards a nay as time goes on as well. I just do not have a strong lingering feel from this book other then meh.