Monday, December 15, 2008

Kendra by Coe Booth

Kendra has lived most of her life without her mom and looks forward to the day when her mother, Renee, finishes her Doctorate and she can live with her. The day has come but Renee doesn't seem to want her. Kendra is 14 and Renee was only 14 when she had her. And she is at an age when she needs a mother not just her grandmother. Kendra's father tries to be there for her but when she starts to make poor choices that damage her relationship with her best friend she doesn't seem to have anyone to turn to for help. Though a companion to her previous book "Tyrell" this book stands completely alone. This is an excellent book about a girl just looking for love and figuring out who she is. I give this a Yes!

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Patty said...

I liked this book quite a bit, too. It was a little confusing keeping everyone straight--Nana, Grandma, Kenny, Adonna (niece or cousin?), etc. The writing is great, the subject matter is good, but I'm not really feeling it for the award. Thumbs down.