Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

Sutter Keely is the typical fun drunk--life of every high school party! He has had lots of girlfriends along the way, but singles out shy Aimee Finecky to befriend. Sutter's motives are pure, but his actions have unexpected consequences, and in typical teen fashion, he just sort of goes along with what life gives him. Naked girl in his bed? Well, why not do the deed? :) Large 7-up? Why not add some whiskey? This book very realistically portrays the beginning of an addiction, and all the wishful thinking that goes with it. I can easily see Sutter 20 years from now, hanging out at the local bar like his dad, surrounding himself with people who love the good times as much as he.
Sutter profiles the life of his buzz, like any good addict. This book focuses on the upswing of the buzz, Sutter's high school life, and in a way, it shows the downer side of the buzz, the adult fully entrenched in his addiction (Sutter's dad). Very realistic, touching, funny and sad story. I give it a Thumbs Up!

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Deb Motley said...

I view this book as a cautionary tale with an unreliable narrator. Sutter thinks he is the life of the party, he thinks he's helping Aimee, he thinks dive bars are wonderful places, but it's all in his alcoholic head. The book is very well written, hits close to home since I know many people with the same thinking patterns. I give at thumbs up, though not enthusiastically.